About us

Style Cleaners has been under new ownership since November 2012. The change in team ownership has built Style Cleaners to an upscale dry cleaning enterprise. We are committed to the excellence of garment care and our entire staff is focused on exceeding customer’s expectations.

Style Cleaners Santee

Your clothes represent an investment. The services and expertise offered by Style Cleaners only gives your clothes a longer, more beautiful life. Our detail orientation includes expert spot removal, hand pressing and finishing with thorough personal inspection of every garment. From your daily wear to your finery, we take exquisite care of every piece in your wardrobe.

We have master tailors can refurbish outfits in many ways. As a full-service garment care specialist, we offer the finest in tailoring and alterations.

Our facility undergoes monthly inspection to ensure that our cleaning equipment is performing at optimal conditions. We stay on the cutting edge of fabric care techniques and technology. We know clothing, fashion, fabrics and garment construction. We have the unparalleled ability to offer peace of mind that your clothes and household fabrics always receive the best care.